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Aquamarine Flower Bracelet

Aquamarine Flower Bracelet

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Handmade natural Aquamarine beaded flower bracelet with 925 Sterling Silver beads.

Product Description

4 mm Natural Faceted Aquamarine Beads
3 mm Rhodium Plated 925 Sterling Silver Beads
Adjustable Length (14,5 cm to 23 cm)
Cord Color: Mint

Gemstone Information

Aquamarine means the water of the sea in Latin. Believed to be the treasure of mermaids, and used by sailors as a talisman of good luck and protection. Protects all who travel by, over, or near water. Brings a soothing and calming energy enhances courage and inner strength.

5th Chakra is Throat Chakra and one of its stone is Aquamarine. It is the Chakra of clear communication, self expression and ability to listen. Carrying Aquamarine will help you balancing your chakra.

Aquamarine is one of the gemstones of Scorpio Zodiac Sign.

Product Care

Product Care

Since we believe the power of nature and natural stones, we suggest you to carry them all the time. Gemstones can be fragile so you shouldn’t forget to use them gently. In order to maintain brightness, products should be kept away from chemicals such as detergents, soap, perfume and acetone.

Gemstone Care

Each gemstone has its own color, hardness and sometimes flaws and it is perfectly normal. Gemstone colors, shapes, sizes, grains and patterns may vary – making each bracelet and necklace unique like our fingerprints. Our pictures are taken in a professional light so gemstone colors may vary slightly. We take new pictures with each new product but sometimes due to high interest you may not be able to get the same product in the picture.

Silver Care

Silver can tarnish quite easily because of its nature and sometimes it can look darker than its original color. To keep it shiny you can polish with a standard silver polish with a cloth.


*Be extra careful about our Kids Collection. All of our bracelets contain beads that are 3 mm or more. So, don't forget that beads can be very dangerous for some ages! Sizes are adjustable. You can check them from each product you like.

**Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any health condition. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.

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