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Polygonal Cut Beaded Bracelet for Men

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Sodalite is one of the most intensive and grounded of the dark blue stones and is perfect for meditation and deep journeying. It promotes peace and tranquility. It dissolves mental confusion, soothing the mind and brings an enlightened perspective on life.

Sodalite is one of the gemstones of Third Eye Chakra which is the Chakra of knowledge. It is associated with ability to focus, use logic and analysis to reach reasonable conclusions.

Tiger Eye is the stone of vitality, action and success. Helps you take action to achieve your dreams, while remaining grounded, centered and calm. Strengthening the intention and inspires creativity. Also known as the stone of power and courage.

8 mm Natural Polygonal Cut Sodalite and Tiger's Eye Beads
3 mm Rhodium Plated 925 Sterling Silver Beads
Adjustable Length
Cord Color: Navy, Brown

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